The Minnesota Fringe 2014, Part II: “The acting is not taking place down there most of the time.”



This episode focuses on a “best of” the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival. Trying to construct a “best of” or a “Top 5″ list (as we do in this episode) is always more difficult than I anticipate. Some may be able to create such a list without a problem, but for me, placement is dependent on my mood or what I’m currently thinking about. So too with my panelists–one tier for a person might have two shows, or a person’s list may be focused on “Top 5 First-Time Producers.” But alternate approaches and experiences are very much welcome, and give the show a wider breadth.

My Fringe experience was truncated, so I’d like to extend a special thanks to Rob CallahanMatthew A. EverettWendy Gennaula, and Kate Hoff for providing their fantastic insights into this year’s festival.

Shows discussed: Tatterhood, Persons Unknown, Entre Nosotros, Duetted, Genealogy of Happenstance, Edgar Allan, Now I See, Failure: A Love Story, Kyle and Sean are Lovers, Buckets and Tap Shoes, Don’t Let Them See You Cry, Crime and Punishment, Supernova, Principia Discordia, Robbing Death, Reach, Marie-Jeanne Valet, Who Defeated La Bête du Gevaudan, Native Man: The Musical, One Arm, Are you There, George?, After Life, and The Confederate.

The Minnesota Fringe 2014, Part 1: “We’re gonna talk about it all!”



It’s been a year-long hiatus between podcasts, but Twin Cities Theater Connection returns with two special episodes discussing the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival. The first episode features talk of the festival itself, how it’s changed from the previous year, trends, and a little show talk. The second episode, live next week, will feature a top 5 rundown from each of the guest critics on the show this week: Rob Callahan, Matthew A. Everett, Wendy Gennaula, and Kate Hoff.