#124: Outrageous Fortune, Part V

Alan M. Berks and John Heimbuch join Joshua Humphrey and Brian O’Neal for the chapter five discussion of Outrageous Fortune, Whose Audience Is It, Anyway?

If you liked what you heard in the podcast, let us know in the comments. The chapter VI discussion is on the way, and Outrageous Fortune provides an excellent jump-start to the conversation about the entire theatre landscape.

00:00-12:00: We leap right into the growth of audiences in Minnesota, the appeal of live events, and how arts education and perception influences theatregoers.

12:00-24:02: Younger audiences vs. older audiences and what they expect from shows according to their generation.

24:02-32:38: Hit or miss mentality, a show’s advance buzz and strength, and the problems associated with limited runs and getting people who might not otherwise go to a show into the theatre.

32:38-38:53: Brian brings up the essay by Jeffrey JonesĀ  about paintings and education and if a similar education is necessary for theatregoing. This leads to a discussion about the leap we expect audiences to take when we go from a classic American play straight into a contemporary play with no intervening links.

38:53-45:30: The previous discussion point leads to John talking about how Walking Shadow has in the past “opened up the world of the play” to the audience. Alan makes the point that smaller companies have more freedom to set the tone, whereas larger companies and theaters might be more hard-pressed to follow through with that aesthetic.


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