#125: Outrageous Fortune, Part VI

The final Outrageous Fortune podcast winds down the discussion with our final thoughts on the book and the Twin Cities community at large.

00:00-09:20: John starts discussion with a comment that the book’s assumption–that playwrights should be able to make a living from their work–is, for the most part, historically false, and that only a few individuals have been able to achieve it.

09:20-15:32:  Working within the small theatre versus the mid to large theatre worlds covered in Outrageous Fortune.

15:32-17:24: The importance for playwrights in staging their work and building a body of work that can have a life beyond the playwright.

17:24-21:28: The incubation of new plays and the local ecosystem of smaller and larger theatres.

21:28-30:18: To finish out the podcast, each panelist gives their final thoughts and Brian encourages everyone to join the conversation and take it further.

This concludes the Outrageous Fortune breakdown and I hope it encourages people to read on and form their own ideas. If you liked what you heard in the podcast, let me know in the comments or through e-mail at joshuahumphrey@tctheaterconnection.com.


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