#152: The Mounds Theater Investigation

In a special Halloween episode, Derek Miller, Eva Nelson and myself journey into the Mounds Theater to find ghosts and describe what we found there.

00:00: We discuss the tour, initial impressions of the Mounds, and the first resident ghosts, Jim and Mary.

04:10: Derek encapsulates his feelings on the tone and mood of the tour, and leads us into the final ghost, Red.

07:01: We talk about the honesty of the tour and Derek explains the physics of the eyeball and specific phenomena related to central vision in the dark. The syndrome he mentions is Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

10:42: In which we listen to a digital recording taken while onstage at the Mounds Theater.

12:00: Our reactions to the recording, and discussions about other various points where sounds were heard during tour. We also discuss EVP and the use of the “ghost box.”

17:44: We close out on the fun we had and chat more on the historical aspects of the space.

I’d like to thank the staff of the Mounds Theater for their openness, particularly since we are skeptical of paranormal phenomena.

The Mounds is a beautiul theater and I went there on the 30th myself to watch The Blair Witch Project. They hold tours and events throughout the year, so keep an eye out on their calendar page.


If you heard something different in the EVP, feel free to contact me at joshuahumphrey@tctheaterconnection.com.

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1 comment for “#152: The Mounds Theater Investigation

  1. Laurie
    November 4, 2010 at 10:27 am

    I went on the later tour of the Mounds Theatre on Halloween night. I must say you had such a different experience then my friends and I. We have video, and pictures of the most amazing things from that evening. I am a skeptic. However every doubt I had when walking through that door was completely gone before I left. If you would like to see my video and or pictures or hear about our adventure I would be happy to send it over.

    I am very sorry you missed our tour! Your story would have been completely different!!

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