#159: Mike Fotis


Mike Fotis ranges on a variety of topics from improv and comedy to failing in the kitchen.

00:00: Mike and I discuss the recent Snowpocalypse and being living outside of Uptown during that hellish time.

02:03: Mention of the Snowpocalypse leads into a discussion on the Brave New Workshop Podcast.

05:07: We transition into talking about Mike’s family, how they might have influenced his humor, and his eventual arrival in Minnesota and the Brave New Workshop.

12:24: We discuss Mike’s fringe shows An Intimate Evening With Fotis and Mike and Matt.

17:50: We move onto Speech! and discuss the show and our respective experiences with competitive dramatic activities in high school.

24:01: I ask Mike to explain what he thinks is necessary in a comedic skill set.

31:32: We shift back to talking about fringe and what Mike is planning for the coming year.

33:59: Mike discusses his blog, My Kitchen Failures.

37:00: We wrap up the podcast with what’s new at the Brave New Workshop.


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