#176: Kieran Adcock-Starr, Jason Bucklin, Ben Kutscheid, and Charles Numrich

We return after a hiatus for a podcast for the Halloween season, discussing The Chameleon Theatre Circle’s The Woman in Black.

Photo courtesy The Chameleon Theatre Circle.

In this episode, you’ll hear about…

  • A little on @minnesotaplays and the Ivey Awards.
  • Charles Numrich and his experiences as an actor and his reaction to his son, Seth Numrich, wanting to become an actor.
  • The character of Arthur Kipps and how he goes about telling his story.
  • Kieran speaking to his role the Actor and his relationship to Arthur.
  • The theatrical experience as a transformative act, and how it is brought out through performance and character relationships.
  • Horror onstage, what makes it effective, and the audience’s role.
  • Sound elements and how they contribute to atmosphere.
  • The rarity of ghost stories and horror plays onstage.

The Woman in Black runs from Octoboer 7 through the 23 at the Burnsville Performing Arts Center.


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