We’re dark this week. Next week we’ll be back and featuring Joel Sass and an interrupting washing machine.

Since you have free time on your hands that you may have spent listening to the show, I ask that you do a few things:

1) Join my Facebook group. Right now I’m testing out organizing theatre-related events through it. We went to Murderess on April 1st, and next month we’ll be having a book discussion surrounding Haruki Murakami’s after the quake to coincide with Walking Shadow’s stage production.

2) Follow me on Twitter. I tend to RT theater events and news in the community. I also try to be as funny as improv artists and comedians. I have no training in those areas, so you can imagine how that goes.

3) Subscribe, Rate and Review the podcast on iTunes. (Man, I need a new podcast logo. That’s 2+ years old now.)

4) Get out there and see some shows!

Do these and I’ll be eternally grateful. Or until I ask you to do them again. Whichever comes first.

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