Freshwater Theatre – The Gifted Program

Director Ben Layne and actors Michael Sung-Ho, Jesse Corder, Garek Bushnell, Ben Resman, and John Leaf discuss Freshwater Theatre’s The Gifted Program and tabletop roleplaying!

Matt Black Studios -

Michael Sung-Ho as Lester Suh.

Roleplaying games have become a larger part of my life in the last few years, so it’s a treat to talk about a play that has a roleplaying group as a plot element.

The Gifted Program runs in repertory with Freshwater Goes Back to High School at Nimbus Theatre from April 12th through 27th.

The foundation I mentioned in the podcast connected to Gary Gygax is actually the T├ękumel Foundation, which is dedicated to the legacy of M.A.R. Barker, a contemporary of Gygax. I had conflated these giants of roleplaying in my head. Don’t send me hate mail.

I talk more about the roleplaying session which occurred after the podcast at Minnesota Playlist.

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