Fringe Decompression 2011, Part II: Experimental, Dance, Improv, and Musicals


The Minnesota Fringe Decompression continues with Matthew Everett, Courtney McLean, and Joshua Humphrey digging into multiple genres.

I do not approve, phillip low. Not at all.

Discussed in this episode: Son of a _____!, Midwestern Drug Circus, Illusion: The Magic of Jared Sherlock, FLESH, How Do You See It?, Ballet Amore, Tortoise in Flight, The Attic Room, Four Clowns, Deadline, Highlander: The Musical!, Super Spectacular: To Opera With Love, Twisted Apples, History Camp, Robot Lincoln: The Revengence, Improvidence!, Yarrgh!, Nightmare Man, Balls Out!, and Tiny Speck of History.


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