Hey, that’s not onstage…

I’ve tracked down some creative material the Twin Cities theatre community produced in 2011 that you may have missed or that wasn’t necessarily onstage. This is by no means comprehensive, but if you think something is cool and deserves to be here, let me know in the comments with a description and a link.

1. Re: Your Brains Video

I can’t believe this was back in March, but Bill Stiteler directed local talent (including Tim Uren, who just appeared in TCTC podcast #181)  in a fantastic video inspired by the Jonathan Coulton song Re: Your Brains.

Bill has also posted an interesting post-mortem of the production process. The link goes to his blog, which also has post-mortems on his other projects. I feel these are really useful from an outsider perspective and wish I could read more post-mortems from theatre companies dissecting what worked/didn’t work.

2. Pommelhorse Videos

The Pommelhorse team of Sam Landman and Matthew Glover have been doing creative work that you can’t find onstage, like the rant from a bass player in SippyCup:

But I would suggest just going through their youtube channel and watching all their videos (“What’s In Your Beard?” “5ECONDS”). I love Pommelhorse and Matt and Sam’s creative energy and enjoyed going through all the videos laughing my ass off.

3. Tempests Trailer

Remember the time before MN Fringe 2011? It’s all a little hazy for me, but I do remember the kickass trailer put out by Tedious Brief Productions for Tempests.

Actually, you probably didn’t miss this. It’s awesome anyway.

4. Zombie High School

Yes, it was technically 2010 when Zombie High School was at the Minnesota Fringe, but hell with it. The album became available recently and you can buy it for $5 here. That’s pretty damn cool and creative (Dear Mr. Scrimshaw, I would like a Sexy Librarian EP for 2012, please).

5. NoisePicnic

Aric McKeown and Mike Fotis have created a podcast network called NoisePicnic to gather and encourage podcasts from local creatives. I think this is an incredibly good idea and wish I’d thought of it. I’ve started in on Trendz recently with Dan Hetzel and Levi Weinhagen, and the first episode began with the topic of supermarkets and ended in a place that reminded me of Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

As mentioned, drop a description or a link in the comments if you feel something should have been included here–I’m interested in those projects that may have passed me by in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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