Podcast Preservation Project: The Gameboys #37


Over its 15 year run, The Gameboys was the show for console gaming aficionados–of those tape and CDcasts which began during the height of the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega, only The Gameboys would successfully survive the changes brought about by the Playstation. Other console gaming shows, such as the monologue-heavy Nintenfreak, had difficulty transitioning with Sony’s entrance into the market. When Microsoft introduced the Xbox, this shift occurred again, but The Gameboys adapted where others failed.

Through these many iterations, creators Joe Odegard and Nathan Johnson remained.┬áThere would be many panelists over The Gameboys‘ run, but a show never went forward without Joe and Nathan. They would continue to produce through college and graduate school, their first forays into the job market, their marriages, and the births of their first children. After 335 shows, the final episode featured only Joe and Nathan, finishing as they began: discussing their favorite games.

In honor of their persistence in the ever changing landscape of gaming, the Podcast Preservation Project proudly presents episode #37 of The Gameboys.


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