Spin Spin Spin

I feel it’s a rare occurrence when you get a taste of a show that you’ll likely never see again. I don’t mean revisiting Hamlet by seeing another production, but legitimately experiencing the same show again and being reminded about what you loved about it so much the first time. Individual productions that come together, form, and then break apart. Part of the appeal of theatre has always been that aspect of the art–you have a brief window to see work that was painstakingly put together, then it’s gone forever.

I’m listening right now to Evalyn Parry‘s SPIN sound recording of her show which she performed at the 2010 MN Fringe and which she’s currently touring around Canada. It effectively reawakens the SPIN show experience. I’ve spoken about SPIN before–it was one of those nigh-mystical theatre occurrences wherein you go blind into a show and are transported into a world you never expected to have access to–in this case a soundscape devoted to bicycles. SPIN was my favorite show from last year precisely because it was such a surprise, a gift given when you weren’t expecting one and inside was something you always wanted but could never put words to.

Here’s the track listing:

1. Two Wheeled Words: To Wield Words

2. She Rides

3. Instructions for Learning to Ride a Bicycle by Miss Frances Willard, 1895

4. Amelia Bloomer Sings for Fashion Reform

5. The Ballad Of Annie Londonderry

6. Progress

7. Names of The Chains

8. World of Spin

9. Open Letter to Igor Kenk, Bicycle Thief

10. Oh Come on, Come On

11. First Flight

Progress, Names of the Chains, and Open Letter to Igor Kenk, Bicycle Thief are my favorites when I find myself wanting to dip my toes in the vast lake Parry has filled with wordplay, sounds and love of the bicycle. But if I want to stay awhile, I start from the beginning and build to The Ballad of Annie Londonderry. Parry isn’t hesitant to use the bicycle as a political metaphor, and she embraces it with such aplomb you fall in love with everything a bicycle is and has the potential to be. It makes me, as a runner, want to take up bicycling.

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