That’s Not Onstage, Part II

Since my last post that detailed other projects by TC creative-types, a few other items have been pointed out to me:


Unknown to me, actor Scot Moore is also a writer, and has written the novel Gaymerica. From the page:

It’s 2047. The United States has split into two nations. One, America, is a traditionalist Christian nation dedicated to the practices of Capitalism, evangelical Christianity, and heterosexism. The other, the Western States, is the bastard secessionist spawn of America inhabiting the Left coast of the continent. Corwin Hawley has been selected by the American government to infiltrate the Western States and aid the process of toppling their evil ruler, the Queen Supreme. But, when Corwin arrives, reality and his training come into conflict. Will he stay the course? Or, will he fall victim to the unrelenting allure of the gays? Corwin’s battle with Gaymerica is about to begin…

Corwin will have his hands fulls: “the gays” are mighty alluring.

Scrap and How To Jail

Paul von Stoetzel doesn’t sleep, he just works. He’s recently completed the documentary Scrap. Scrap

…is a feature documentary which follows the history of two eccentric builders and their amazing structures which were both built by a single man.

To wit, the trailer:

I can’t imagine myself ever creating such structures, but if you hear about some fella in 30 years who’s built himself a theater entirely out of metal in the Minnesota wilds, that may be me.

Paul is also working on the Brute Force Films production How to Jail. If you’re a fan of the podcast and TC theater, you’ll see some familiar faces in the trailer:

Legends & Labyrinths

Justin Alexander of the American Shakespeare Repertory is also an avid gamer and game designer. If you have an interest in 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons and the its core mechanics, take a look at Legends & Labyrinths. He’s reached his funding goal already, but there is a video and more in-depth explanation here. Justin has also begun to release art from the game on his blog, which is also an informative read for those interested in games and how they play.

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