Wits at the Fitzgerald


Last Friday night, I went to the MPR program Wits at the Fitzgerald and took my microphone with me. No, I didn’t record the entire show, but if you want a taste, just head over to the Wits site.

Joe Scrimshaw caught me in the act of interviewing as I went around the lobby.

I went in blind–I’m only familiar with Chuck Klosterman through his book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and I knew nothing about Craig Finn and The Hold Steady. I asked people in the lobby what they expected, and they graciously filled me in.

As for Wits itself–John Moe has put together a hellavu show: the intelligent conversation, music, and silliness combined with the incredible atmosphere generated by excited, intense people really made the evening. I’m hoping to get to future shows in May and June, which feature Sandra Bernhard and Neil Gaiman, along with musical guests Rosanne Cash and Josh Ritter respectively.

In this episode you’ll also hear from Klosterman and Finn fans Josh and Kelly, Andy Sturdevant, Jeff Kamin of Books and Bars, Mike Rylander, Nick Decker, Bill Corbett, and the host of Wits himself, John Moe.


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